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Time Watches Death


Artwork Print Options:
1) Large square stretched canvas 100cm x 100cm ready to hang
2) Etched onto 50x60cm Glass, ready to hang
3) Paper print 50x60cm (glossy) with thin black frame & glass cover.

Originally titled Rose on Amber, by the time this collage was finished enough radical changes happened with unforeseen layers that a new name was needed. In a way its a play on "who watches the watchers" which has always intrigued me as a saying. Stock images my own works and recouces and partial altered thumbnails went into this piece. Aprx 12+ images with close to 100 layers in order to create the new picture. I was especially pleased with the backing base layer that took me a day alone to create, it has even greater impact at higher res on a larger file size. I plan to try to show this work and enter it into suitable contests as I am that pleased with how it emerged. Due to the presence of the Reaper I'd class it as Fantasy as much as Surreal.